Transit Cargo

Lakeland Cargo Logistics understands that your supply chain needs are unique and that’s exactly why we’ve engaged the best minds in the Transport industry to create specific transport solutions customized to suit your ever-changing cargo movement environment. Our transport vans, trucks and trailers (closed body trailers, flat bed trailers and low loaders) from precision transport design to seamless execution, our dedicated cargo transportation professionals are engaged every step of the way to provide you with the most accurate transport and economical transportation arrangement the transport industry has to offer.

Lakeland Cargo transit, offers truly door-to-door transportation service. Our optimized transportation translates to fast transit service and the door to door delivery of your freight on time, safely transported and damage free.

Benefits of optimized door to door delivery and transportation

  • Dedicated to creating win-win solutions by investing talent, capital, and transport resources.
  • Dynamic transport route optimization systems at your disposal to create supply-chain door to door and reduce transport costs
  • Satellite tracking on our transport
  • One of the Safest operating fleets in the transport industry
  • Heavy and fragile equipment transported using air hydraulic low loaders.
  • Door-to-door control of transport equipment = less handling, better security, and increased efficiency
  • Fully multilingual experienced transport staff to cater all our transportation routes
  • Strict requirements for transport department staff and constant integrity checks transport and delivery.

For Booking of space for your cargo please get in touch with us, you can visit our Offices to get your appropriate shipment date.